VARIETAL: 100% Valdiguie
VINEYARD: Frei Vineyard & Wirth Ranch LOCATION: Solano County – Green Valley ALCOHOL: 12%

WINEMAKER’S NOTES: The grapes went through partial carbonic fermentation. This makes the wine fresh and lively. The 2015 vintage shows darker and more concentrated fruit, with more pepper spice.
Easy to drink, and tastes even better with a slight chill.

VITICULTURAL AREA: We sourced from two vineyards for 2015 – Frei Vineyard and Wirth Ranch. The vineyards were planted in 1948 and 1950. They are only a mile apart from each other in Solano County’s Green Valley. The area is small, and located just southeast of Napa. Valdiguie was formerly known as Napa Gamay in California. The Wirth Vineyard is planted on steep-sloped, iron-rich soil, while the Frei Vineyard is located closer to the valley floor and has more acidic soils. The vineyards are dry-farmed and the vines are an average of 60 years old.

All of our wines are made naturally, meaning no use of inoculated yeasts or bacteria. We use only native yeast to spark fermentation. We do not add any powdered tannins or enzymes. A minimal dose of S02 is added 4 weeks before bottling to some wines.

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