Peter Franus own words

The Mystery and the Magic

I am attracted to the elusive, the unknowable, and the mystery of wine. There are those
who want to control and twist the soul of a wine and regard winemaking as some sort of
formula process to be manipulated, explained, and figured out. I choose the opposite
path. Beginning with unique vineyard sites and grapes with personality, I rely on
experience and intuition to guide my decision-making. The transformation of grapes into
wine fills me with awe.
Announcing that the pH is 3.55 and the percentage of new wood is 62% tells you nothing.
All the numbers might look perfect, and a wine can still be dull and uninspiring.
With that awe in mind, I approached the production of my new red wine. There is no
formula as I select a handful of barrels from my various vineyard lots to assemble a new
blend notched up with greater depth and character. There will be a higher percentage
of new oak, not because “reserves” should have more oak, but rather the wine selected
can support and integrate more new wood. The blend will draw from the classic Bordeaux
varieties of Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, and Merlot and will vary from year to
I will produce this wine only in outstanding vintages.